E-mail Marketing + Lead Magnets

Email Marketing Graphic.jpg

As a photographer, e-mail marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach your ideal clients and provide value each time you hit their inbox! You know there is value in sending emails to your list, but how do you even get started? What can you send to your ideal clients to keep them engaged and how can you make sure your emails have the professional edge? Well, friends, we have some options for you!


We'll brainstorm the PERFECT lead magnet for your audience and collaborate to design this genius opt-in. Let's work together to grow that list, baby!


  • A professionally designed lead magnet targeted to your ideal client
  • Specifically branded with your logo, branding colors and fonts
  • Delivered in a PDF format

Just get me setup

  • Create two template layout options in your email service provider for you to select
  • Include your logo and branding colors
  • Templates will include placeholders for graphics, titles, and text body allowing you to place these items into your emails when they are sent

Just Help me with an email sequence

  • Strategize the perfect email sequence for your clients
  • Build your written content for each email in the sequence
  • Add corresponding graphic/photograph
  • Include your logo and branding colors

Just Do it all for me

  • Strategize the perfect lead magnet to start building your email list
  • Design up to a two-page lead magnet in PDF format (Custom quote available for longer lead magnets)
  • Copywrite and design up to six emails of an email sequence (includes the email to opt-in to receive lead magnet, four value-drive emails and final email presenting product or service).
  • Design a minimum of one graphic per email in sequence