Why Having Professional Photography in Your Client Guide is Crucial to your Client Experience

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There is no better way to display your work than to showcase it in your welcome magazine with beautiful photography! No matter what industry you are in, it is important to have high-resolution photos of your work included in your magazine. For photographers, this is a simple task to fill their magazine with their best work. For other creative businesses, we always recommend working with a local photographer to display professional high-end images for your magazine, which can also be used for your website and other promotional materials! 

We always recommend that our clients choose a captivating photo for their front cover of their magazine! This is the first impression that your clients will see and you want to set the stage for your high-end experience!

Throughout the magazine, we typically design with a combination of gorgeous, full-size images and pages with a collage of multiple photos. This not only gives variety to the design, it also helps to break up any pages of text that the clients has included in their magazine!

Having high-resolution photographs for your design is so important, especially for those that are printing their magazine. The images are able to be printed at full size with the maximum amount of clarity.

If you are not a photographer, as we mentioned, it is still so important to include professional quality images in your magazine. The difference between low resolution personal photos and high resolution professional photographs can make all the difference when you are trying to attract your ideal client!

For the back cover of the magazine, we also recommend selecting an image that will leave a lasting impression, but may be more of a detail shot that we can also design with your contact information for easy access!

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