What to Include in the About Me Section of your Welcome Magazine and Client Guide

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Trying to figure out what to include in the about section of your welcome magazine?! We always recommend adding a section at the beginning of your magazine to introduce you/your business to clients! Keeping your about me section short & sweet will ensure your client can quickly read this information before moving on to other important pages in your magazine! Pair this section with a gorgeous, professional headshot and perhaps a few behind the scenes photos, and you are good to go! For the content in your about me, here are some things to think about: What experience do you have? Why do you love doing what you do day in and out in your business? What sets you apart from your competition? Why would clients LOVE to work with you? Have you thought about your "about me" lately? How can you display this information to your clients that provides a quick summary, but catches their attention quickly?