Captivating Creatives Feature | The Perkins Photographers | Wedding & Engagement Photographers

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We are so excited to introduce our next Captivating Creative to the blog! Welcome to the blog, The Perkins Photographers!

Captivating Creatives Feature | The Perkins Photographers | Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Meet Laura! Based in one of our favorite locations, Palm Springs, CA;  Laura is a wedding and engagement photographer with a photojournalistic style of natural light imagery. She tries to make every wedding day she photographs unique to the couple and capture "in-between moments" and small details that show off their special day perfectly. We could not be more excited to feature The Perkins Photographers gorgeous work on our blog! Her unique approach to photography makes her work stand out and we have no doubt she wows her clients like she has us!

Photo Credit: The Perkins Photographers

Photo Credit: The Perkins Photographers

Now, let's get to the interview!

How long have you been in business?

10 years

Why did you get started in your industry?

Photography is my passion and I did not want to work in a corporate environment. Shooting weddings is hard work but it doesn't feel like work because I am so in love with it. I don't get that passionate about any other type of work, so I decided to make a career out of what makes me happy.

What has been the most rewarding project you have worked on in your career?

Being able to photograph close friends' weddings has truly been the highlight. I completely immerse myself in any wedding, but being able to really jump in and photograph a wedding where I know the couple makes the wedding feel even more exciting to me.

What does a day in the life look like for you in your business?

When I am not photographing a wedding or engagement, my day is coffee, answering emails, and editing photos. I freelance as a photo editor for other wedding photographers and fill my weekdays with meeting prospective wedding clients at local Palm Springs coffee shops, photographing lifestyle images for various local artists and magazines, and managing my social media outlets.

What has been the best investment you have made in your business?

My 50mm lens and my full-frame camera. I almost exclusively shoot with that lens at weddings because of its large aperture and low-light ability.

What advice would you give to a person just starting out in this industry?

Find yourself at least one person who you can network with that has been in the photography industry you want to break into. Ask if you can shadow them when they shoot for various projects or at weddings or portrait sessions, etc. Learn and ask questions. Fill your day with photographing as much as possible and learn your camera inside and out. Lastly, do not compare yourself to other photographers, but instead find what style works best for you and make it your own.

Photo Credit: The Perkins Photographers

Photo Credit: The Perkins Photographers

Laura, thank you so much for being a Captivating Creative! We can't wait to see what magic you create with your camera this year! Now, let's all go follow Laura and leave her some love!

Instagram: @mrslauraperkins