How to Embed a Welcome Magazine on Wordpress

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If you have a beautiful welcome magazine or client guide, you want to show it off, right? There are so many great ways to do just this! You can print your magazine, email to a client or even embed the magazine on your website! 

If you have a Wordpress website, we will walk you through how to do just that! 

We recommend using a site like

Note that there are other sites where you can also host your magazine, but this tutorial will walk you through how to use this service!

  • To embed an Issuu you will need to create or edit a Post or Page on your Wordpress site.

  • Grab the embed URL for the Issuu from your Issuu account.

  • Click on "Share" then "Embed". This will pop-up an overlay with the link you’ll need.

  • Paste it on a line by itself in your Visual Editor. Make sure that it is not hyperlinked.

Note: Based on the type of Issuu account you have, you may see advertisements on the sidebar of your magazine. If you wish to remove the advertisements, you may need to upgrade your Issuu account to a paid version.

If you need additional assistance, you can also review the instructions from Wordpress here: