What to Include in your Boudoir Photography Welcome Magazine and Client Guide

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If you're a boudoir photographer, listen up! We're showing you tonight a few examples of what you can include in your welcome magazine.

Remember, we recommend a welcome magazine be sent in one of two parts of your process. You can either send it to a prospective client to show off your process and pricing guide to warm them up in to signing with you. Or, you can send it after that client has signed along with a welcome gift to them!

Here's what we recommend including in your magazine:

  1. Information About You - Boudoir photography is a very unique specialty, in that many of your clients may not be 100% confident or comfortable walking in to your studio. They may be scared or nervous about what to expect and even meeting you! Use your magazine to provide them with a history about you, your experience, and explain your passion for boudoir photography and why. This will help your client to build trust in you, since you'll be the one taking care of the session and their finished product.

  2. All About Your Process - When does your client need to pay? What should they bring with them? Is makeup included? Is hair included? When should they expect to receive photos? How many photos? All of these questions are probably running through the head of your client. Make sure your magazine covers all of these, even if you tell them over the phone or via email!

  3. Examples of Sessions - Show off your beautiful work! Of course, make sure you have the permission of your previous clients before placing their photos in your magazine.

  4. How to Prepare - Let your clients know how they can prepare for their session! Do they need to buy/bring clothes? What kind of clothes? Where do you recommend shopping, if they bring clothes? Should they bring makeup? Make sure your client is prepared!

  5. Contact Information - Make sure your client always has information handy of how they can reach you for any questions!

Are you ready for your custom designed welcome magazine?! Contact us and we'd love to design your boudoir magazine for your business!