What to Include in Your Photography Welcome Magazine and Client Guide

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When beginning to design your welcome magazine, we will provide you with guidelines on what you may want to include in your custom welcome magazine! Read below for a number of our exclusive recommendations:

Professional Photography: There is no better way to display your work than to showcase it in your magazine with beautiful photography! No matter what industry you are in, it is important to have high-resolution photos of your work included in your magazine. 

About You/About Your Business: This is the place where you will want to share what makes your business unique and an expert in your field. We also recommend including an updated, inviting headshot so your clients can put a face to the name!

Explanation of Your Process: For prospective clients that may be inquiring about your services, this is the chance to tell them what it is like to work with you! What is the process you follow after booking your client? You want to make your client feel totally comfortable and let them know you will be with them every step of the way!

Tips and Tricks for Your Clients: You always want to be positioning yourself as the expert in your field and brainstorming ideas for providing value to your clients! You not only want to explain your services, you want to provide a little extra value! Think about reusing a fabulous blog post you have written that is aimed at your ideal client. For a wedding photographer, this could include an ideal wedding photography timeline, or what to wear to an engagement session. For a wedding planner, for instance, this could include a sample guest list spreadsheet to keep track of RSVP's, or what to look for when hiring a wedding planner.

Pricing/Packages: If you do not include your pricing on your website, your welcome guide is an excellent place to provide all of the details on your pricing and packages! We recommend keeping this as straight before as possible and highlighting what packages are comprised of, or any A La Carte options that may be offered.

FAQ's: One of the goals of your welcome magazine is to include as many answers as possible to common questions. This not only provides your client with some of the questions they may have had after reading the material, it also saves you time from having to answers the common questions you are frequently contacted with over the phone or email.

Client Testimonials: We stress to all of our clients the importance of including client testimonials in their welcome magazine! Potential clients love to see what experience other people have had with your business! It helps to validate you more as a business and can include helpful insights on what it was like to work with you!